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Our LAndscaping Process

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Phase 1: Expectations

The consultation phase will include a discussion of your expectations and the steps we will take to exceed them. On-site consultations are available for prospective clients to navigate the following topics: the scope of your project, the current state of your outdoor space, goals, needs, wants, budget, and design ideas.

We also encourage you to provide measurements, notes, and pictures.

Phase 2: Design+Estimate

Your vision can become a reality with the help of our designers. If required, they can create extensive mock-ups for the design of your project that can be easily altered by using our design technology. Any logistical considerations that were discussed during the consultation stage are taken into account when designing. If any final revisions need to be made, they can be done here.

Once the final design is settled, you will receive an official estimate.

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Phase 3: Construction

Following the agreed-upon estimate, permits may need to be obtained prior to construction. Failure to adhere to local building codes could result in a delayed construction process. Should you need guidance throughout this part of the process, our experts would be happy to help.

Once we get the go-ahead, we will begin construction, keeping you in the loop throughout to ensure we remain on time and within budget.

Our Projects Near You

Our Services


We’ve got just what you need if you’re looking to kick back this summer with a brand-new swimming pool! We look forward to speaking with you about what you are looking for, how big your outdoor space is, your vision, design details, and the steps we need to follow in order to ensure a smooth implementation process. For the perfect finishing touch to your new outdoor paradise, we also offer pool interlocking services.

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Boost your landscape with our top-tier interlocking services, as a safe, durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative. Throughout our careers, we’ve completed interlocking projects for driveways, patios, paths, and steps. Additionally, we perform interlocking repairs, as well as flagstone and permeable driveway work – whatever your needs, we’re here to help!


Maintain functionality and privacy while elevating your outdoor living and entertaining space. Our professionals will build your dream deck, fence, pergola, gazebo, or cabana according to your house’s specific needs, without any hassle for you. These services also pair extremely well with our pool and stoneworking services.

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Why choose us?

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Service Area

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Landscaping Services Near Me?

Landscaping Near Me caters to clients across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. If you are located anywhere in the GTA, our services are definitely available to you.

Is Your Landscaping Team Insured?

Yes, each of our landscapers are fully licensed and insured.

Will My Landscaping Project Require Permits?

Local building codes will differ between municipalities. We would be happy to look into your area’s building codes for you.

What plants should I consider for planting around a pool area?

You should consider the climate and setup of your yard before selecting your plants. Some areas may receive more sun than others which could be harmful or beneficial to the plants. 

How can I get more privacy in my backyard?

To get more privacy in your yard without losing functionality or appeal, you may decide to implement tall trees or bushes, or wooden structures, such as a gazebo or pergola.

Are there any environmental considerations when using stonework for landscaping?

Certain stones may require a sealant in order to protect them from water damage, which can have an impact the environment. Heavy stone work requires more energy to install and transport, adding to its environmental footprint.

What types of stones are best for the job?

Generally speaking, natural stone such as limestone, bluestone, sandstone, and granite are ideal for patios and walkways because they are durable and long-lasting. For walls and edging, flagstone or brick is often used. Artificial stone can also be used depending on the desired look and budget. There are many options available to suit any style or budget.

What type of maintenance is required to keep the stonework looking its best?

To keep stonework looking its best, regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary. For natural stone surfaces, cleaning with a gentle solution of soap and water is usually sufficient. Artificial stones may require more rigorous cleaning, such as pressure washing or chemical treatments. Sealants can also be applied to help protect the stone from dirt, oil and other contaminants that could cause discoloration or wear over time. Regular inspection of joints and crevices should also be carried out to ensure they remain filled with grout to prevent water damage.

How much does it typically cost to install a stonework landscape?
The cost of installing a stonework landscape varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. Generally, labor costs range from $15-25 per square foot for simple stonework projects such as patios, walkways or retaining walls. More complex projects like water features or outdoor kitchens can cost up to $35 per square foot. The cost of materials is also an important factor – natural stone, for example, can cost significantly more than artificial stones.
How long will the stonework last in my climate?
The longevity of stonework in any given climate will depend on the type and quality of materials used and the degree of maintenance provided. Generally speaking, high quality, properly installed stonework can last for decades if it is properly maintained. Additionally, some types of stone such as granite and slate are naturally more resistant to weathering than others, making them a better choice for climates that experience extreme temperatures or frequent weather changes.
What types of wood are best for use in a landscape design?

This depends on the project. For example, cedar and redwood are popular choices for gazebos, while pine, cedar, and pressure-treated wood are great for decks.

How much will it cost to install a woodwork landscape?

The cost of a woodwork landscape installation will depend on the size and complexity of the project. Generally speaking, smaller projects can range from several hundred dollars for basic installations, to several thousand for more complex designs. For larger projects, costs may range from several thousand up to tens of thousands or even higher depending on the scope of work. The overall cost will also depend on the quality of materials used and the experience level of your contractor.

What kind of maintenance is required for a woodwork landscape?

Maintenance for a woodwork landscape will depend on the type of wood used and the environment in which it is installed. Generally speaking, regular cleaning and sealing of hardwoods will help protect them from weathering and decay. Softwoods can also benefit from regular cleaning as well as stain or paint treatments to protect against fading. Additionally, composite materials may require minimal maintenance such as occasional sweeping to remove dust or debris buildup.

Is it possible to combine stone and wood elements in a landscape design?
Yes, it is possible to combine stone and wood elements in a landscape design. This provides an attractive contrast between the textures and colors of the materials, creating an eye-catching effect. Additionally, stone can provide stability for large or heavy wood structures, such as decks or retaining walls, while wood may be used to add a natural feeling to pathways or ornamental features. Combining both materials may also provide additional benefits for durability and longevity depending on the climate and usage area.
What steps should be taken to ensure that the wood remains in good condition over time?
In order to ensure that wood elements in your landscape design remain in good condition over time, it is important to properly seal and finish the wood surfaces. Additionally, any exposed surfaces should be regularly cleaned and treated with a UV-protective coating. Any stones incorporated into the design should be sealed with a weatherproof sealant to prevent erosion and staining from moisture. Lastly, you should also regularly inspect the wood for signs of rot or decay, especially if it has been exposed to harsh weather conditions.